Water Management & Wastewater Disposal

We offer comprehensive support in the Investment process for power distribution companies and industrial plants, municipal and individual clients starting from Investment planning to all design phases.
Investment planning:
  • Concepts for water and sewage management;
  • Balances of water and sewage consumption;
  • Obtaining of “Water-Legal Permits”.

Basic, building and detailed designs in the scope of:
  • Water purification plants;
  • Water preparation installations for boiler-, cooling- and heating cycles;
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants;
  • Condensate cleaning stations;
  • Water devices therein: underground and surface water intakes, outlets of sewage devices;
  • Networks and sewage and water supply connections;
  • Sanitary installations therein:
    • Designing of water supply installations;
    • Designing of sewage systems;
    • Designing of gas installations;
    • Designing of central heating installations;
    • Designing of ventilation installations;
    • Designing of air-conditioning installations.
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