Thermal & Power Mechanical Engineering Departments

Professionals providing:

  • consultancy concerning power infrastructure and industrial equipment;
  • technical parts of bid/tender specifications;
  • analyses, concepts, feasibility studies, basic engineering, detailed engineering for new or existing power facilities;
  • offers for deliveries of equipment and installations;
  • bid evaluations, consulting and reviews;
  • appraisal of design work and concepts from external designers;
  • designs for reconstruction or modernization of existing power plants and CHP plants;
  • designs of power systems or system components;
  • designs of power facilities which include oil- or gas-fired turbines and engines;
  • designs of HP water and steam pipe installations (live steam, reheat steam, feedwater) including license documentation;
  • designs of LP/MP water and steam pipe installations (main and auxiliary cooling systems);
  • designs of (water, steam) heating systems; optimization of existing installations (modernization programs) including TES systems;
  • designs of flue gas ducts, hot/cold air ducts;
  • CFD analyses in the scope of pipe and duct systems;
  • Evaluation of technical conditions, durability and diagnostics of pressure elements;
  • Strength and compensation calculations, following PN­79/M­34033, EN­13480, EN­12952, ASME B31.1, ASME B & PVC I standards;
  • Strength calculations for selected equipment, following EN­13445, ASME B & PVC VIII, TEMA, API standards.

Department Managers
Paweł Ulbrich tel. +48 32 20 89 290
Adam Gliński tel. +48 32 20 89 252