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Selection of international references

  • Consulting services for the project titled: "Open Cycle Power Plant in Omotosho - Phase II".

    • Acting as a Contract Engineer
    • Verification of technical documentation for executive
    • Supervision of the work regulations of all branches
    • Advisory Services
  • Supervision Services (Civil Branch) -. UKAI Power Plant Unit 3 and. WANAKBORI  Power Plant Unit 4 (INDIA)
  • Owner's engineering services -14,5 MWe biomass power plant in the Bolu Province of the Republic of Turkey. A distinctive feature of this project is the type of biomass – poultry farm litter. The scope of services includes the development of a concept/preliminary design of the unit, bid specification and advice on choosing the unit’s contractor. 
  • Workshop documentation of the pipelines for the VIRIDOR PETERBOROUGH waste incineration plant in the United Kingdom.
  • Design documentation of the electrical works for conversion of the coal power plant to the biomass-fired power plant – Provence 4, Gardanne, France.
  • Design work for construction works of steam-gas unit with capacity of 370 MWe in Tashkent Power Plant (Uzbekistan).
  • Supply of stress calculation and basic engineering design for WTF in Peterborough.
  • Consulting services related to preparation of tender materials and selection of an EPC Contractor for Azikel Power Ltd
  • Technical specifications for the designs of the small diameter high-pressure pipelines (Assembly-Workshop) Deven
  • Review and approval of the documentation, and performance of the author’s supervision on the construction site for the Project: Soyo I 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Angola.