Environmental Protection

Water is one of the raw materials necessary to produce electricity and heat. It is used for process and social purposes and it ensures fire safety. Water should be treated as a renewable raw material and produced waste should be reduced to a minimum and managed in an environmentally safe way.

Comprehensive design and engineering services associated with water management and wastewater disposal for power plants, industrial plants, municipal customers and individuals.

Our specialists cover all stages of the investment, starting from general and global issues and ending on solving implementation details:

  • Water management and sewage treatment concepts.
  • Water and sewage balance.
  • Defining the quality requirements of water and determining composition of the produced sewage.
  • Indicating water sources and receiving bodies of sewage.
  • Conducting project agreements with the authorities managing surface water, underground utilities, roads and railways networks.
  • Obtaining administrative acts: permits required by Water Law Act, construction permits.

Development of technological projects, building permit designs, detailed and as-built designs of:

  • water intakes and outlets of sewage;
  • main transmission networks;
  • water and sewage treatment plants;
  • water-pipe networks and sewerage systems;
  • individual design services or selection of typical engineering structures, such as: chambers, wells, settling tanks, separators, pumping stations, etc.;
  • installation equipment of buildings and structures;
  • 3-D modelling and multi-branch project coordination;
  • Engineer’s on-site supervision during implementation.
Consulting and other services in relation to environmental protection:
  • Preparation of integrated permit applications for the installation’s purposes.
  • Development of reports concerning the project’s impact on the environment.
  • Eco-audits and environmental consulting.
  • Environmental consulting – support in obtaining permits, planning, investment supervising, ensuring legal operation.
  • Development of sector permit applications: air emissions, water consumption, sewage discharge (water quality impact assessments), production and processing of waste.
  • Preparation of environmental programs and plans.
  • Analyses of air pollutants spread.
  • Noise measurements and preparation of noise maps.
  • Advice on funding possibilities using specific accounts.
  • Expertise on environmental protection and compliance with EU requirements.
Adam Mertas, Systems & Environmental Protection Manager, phone: +48 32 20 89 330