XI European Economic Congress

XI European Economic Congress. May 13-15, Katowice. This Congress is one of the most important events of this type in Central Europe. During the Congress about 150 topic-dedicated sessions took place, attended by about thousand speakers and a record number of 12,000. guests.

During the Congress, among others, the presidents of the most important and largest companies in the energy sector discussed about the future of the industry.

15 EPK representatives participated in varioustopic- dedicated sessions of the EEC.

During the European Economic Congress, plenty of time was devoted to the possibilities of using hydrogen, mainly in transport. The end of the Congress was accompanied by handing over to one of our key customers in the energy sector of a concept of a hydrogen generation installation with a target capacity of 45 MW prepared by EPK. The project deserves attention not only because of the scale of the project, but it also has a chance to be the only installation in Poland so far, producing hydrogen from renewable sources.