Signing a Letter of Intent with the KHNP Group

On 20th September in Warsaw, in the Palace of Culture and Science, a Letter of Intent was signed between our Office and the Korean KHNP Group (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power). Representatives of both companies participated  in the signing ceremony.

On behalf of the KHNP Group, the letter was signed by Jaehoon Chung - Chairman of the
Board of KHNP and on behalf of the EPK – by Chairman of the Board Łukasz Grela and Vice-Chairman of the Board Michał Woźniczka. The ceremony was attended by Vice-Chairmen of the Board of KHNP Group, Baeksik Noh, Seungyeol Lim, Yongwoo Yoon and Directors Harry Chang, Joonkyo Suh, Taehyun Kim and Victor Kum. The EPK was represented by the Chairman of the Board Łukasz Grela, Vice-Chairman of the Board Michał Woźniczka  and the Directors Olgierd Sikora, Janusz Kurpas and Rafał Szubert.

The area of cooperation covers all activities related to the nuclear energy market, including participation in a potential nuclear power plant project in our country, as well as participation in designing nuclear power plants in other countries. One of the points of the cooperation is also the renewable energy market, including geothermal and solar energy.

The Korean state-owned company KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power) is the third owner and operator of nuclear power plants in the world. Three years ago, he was among five companies ready to participate in the procedure of selecting a partner for the construction of a Polish nuclear power plant.

The company invests in the development of the atom, including a small modular reactor or a IV generation reactor.
The Koreans have developed, used and exported an APR 1400 pressure reactor with a capacity of 1400 MWe, with many passive safety components. This design meets all the latest EU security requirements and has obtained an appropriate EUR certificate. Koreans also certify it in the USA.