Smart City Expo Poland 2019

Smart City Expo Poland. Fairs and conferences dedicated to producers and suppliers of modern technologies used to manage urban infrastructure. Janusz Kurpas, Director of the Area of Transmission and Distribution gave a speech on the Reliability of electricity supply and then took part in the debate.

Conference of the Students' Scientific Club

Conference of the Students' Scientific Club of Stanisław Ochęduszko at Silesian University of Technology - Sustainable development of energy and numerical simulations of mass and energy flows. As part of the EPKariera program, the conference is attended by Michał Brzuszkiewicz and Paweł Ulbrich.

Electric Talent competition

We are the patron of the Electric Talent competition organized by the School Complex No. 5 in Ruda Śląska. The final of the competition took place on June 3. It was preceded by eliminations carried out in all classes educating young people in the profession of an electrician technician.

Open day

Energy I degree studies. Sunday classes for extramural students. Aneta Szubert, Rafał Szubert and Sebastian Waniczek talked about the work in our office.

Children for Children Concert

As every year, we participated in the Children for Children concert organized on the occasion of the Children's Day in the Silesian Library by the Association of Educational and Artistic Centers "Amadeus" and the Silesian Library. Kids smiling and happy!

EPK Open Day

EPK Open Day for students of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Power Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. The Office was introduced by Rafał Szubert and Aneta Szubert. Sebastian Strój talked about the photovoltaic installation in EPK, and Janusz Kurpas familiarized the students with the subject of Energy Storage. Adam Gliński talked about the Thermal & Power Mechanical Engineering Department.