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Scientific and Technical Conference on Environmental Protection in Power Generation and Heat Engineering


The XIII Scientific and Technical Conference on Environmental Protection in Power Generation and Heat Engineering took place in Katowice on 19-20 February 2018.

The conference began with a introducing presentation "Environmental protection in power generation industry - challenges and chance for development" prepared by TGPE. The session also touched upon the topics of new eco-technologies, the winter package, emissions trading and the power market.

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Jerzy Mierzejewski

Z głębokim żalem zawiadamiamy...


...że dnia 25 lutego 2018 roku w wieku lat 80 zmarł nasz kolega,
niezwykły człowiek, wybitny fachowiec, autorytet i mentor
Msza Święta żałobna odbędzie się
1 marca 2018 roku o godzinie 10.00

w Kościele Świętej Rodziny w Katowicach – Brynowie przy ulicy Kossak Szczuckiej 24, po której odbędzie się pochówek na cmentarzu w Katowicach przy ul. Sienkiewicza

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V Konferencja Techniczna - „Realizacja i Eksploatacja Bloków na Parametry Nadkrytyczne”.

the 5th Technical Conference of "Nowa Energia" - "Implementation and operation of power units for supercritical parameters".


On 22-24 November 2017 in Kazimierz Dolny took place the 5th Technical Conference of "Nowa Energia" - "Implementation and operation of power units for supercritical parameters". The event was attended by 170 people. In the first two days, the participants took part in the substantive panel discussions, while on the third day they visited the Kozienice Power Plant.

The first day of the Conference was moderated by Stanisław Tokarski, PhD. Eng. from the Center of Power Engineering at the AGH - Central Mining Institute, while the second by Tomasz Chmielniak, PhD Eng., associate professor from the AGH University of Science and Technology - Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal.

EPK lecture „Technical aspects of designing” was delivered by Adam Gliński - manager of the Thermal and Power Mechanical Engineering Department.

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I Kongres Innowacji w Energetyce

1st Congress of Innovation in Power Generation


1st Congress of Innovation in Power Generation and the 25th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce for Power Generation and Environmental Protection. In recognition of merits for the development of power generation industry, EPK representatives - Daniel Bulik, Andrzej Fulczyk, Łukasz Grela, Stanisław Nardelli, Włodzimierz Przybylski and Michał Woźniczka - were awarded with the honorary badge "In recognition of merits for power generation industry" ("Za Zasługi dla Energetyki"). Congratulations!

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EC Stalowa Wola - Uda się dokończyć blok

EC Stalowa Wola - Able to finish power unit


The agreement for completion in the EPCM formula of the 449 MW power unit in the Stalowa Wola CHP Plant, in consortium consisting of EPK and Power Research & Testing Company „ENERGOPOMIAR” Ltd, was signed on Tuesday, 17th October 2017. The subject of the order is execution of design and engineering work as well as management and supervision over implementation of construction and assembly work. The contract also includes supervision over the implementation of the commissioning process and assisting the Purchaser in the organization of tender procedures for the selection of contractors for particular work areas.

PGNiG, Tauron and Stalowa Wola CHP Plant in October last year signed a conditional agreement and annexes regarding "Construction of a CCGT in Stalowa Wola", which gave the opportunity to resume work in the project and to complete the investment in the Stalowa Wola CHP Plant. The investment, advanced in 85 percent, was waiting for the resumption of work from January 2016.
The final offers were not submitted by the two other entities, that were invited to the competitive dialogue, the consortium of GE Power (Poland), General Electric International and the consortium: Tractebel Engineering (Poland), Tractebel Engineering (Belgium). In September 2017, our offer was chosen as the most advantageous one. The deadline for the contract will be 26 months from the entry into force of the contract and will end no later than 31st December 2019.

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konferencja DUO-BIO

Energetyka Bełchatów 2017


On September 4-6, we participated in the Scientific and Technical Bełchatów Power Generation Symposium, which is one of the most important meetings of Polish power engineers. More than 750 people attended the conference this year.

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