Mechanical Engineering Department

Professionals specialized in:

  • complete fuel delivery systems for power facilities (brown coal, hard coal, biomass, fuel oil, natural gas, coal gas);
  • combustion waste and sorbent management: mechanic or pneumatic transport systems, storage tanks, hydraulic transport of ash suspension;
  • environmental protection systems: FGD systems, NOx reduction systems, airtight sealing, dust extraction, dust removal;
  • HP pipeline systems for transport of aqueous solids;
  • compressed air generation, treatment and distribution systems;
  • oil management;
  • ammonia systems (gas, ammonia water, urea);
  • systems for gas treatment, compression and pipe transport;
  • fire safety and explosion proofing systems, developing documentation for explosion proofing.

Department Manager
Michał Brzuszkiewicz, phone: +48 32 20 89 310