About Energoprojekt-Katowice SA

The Engineering, Procurement and Construction Office "ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE" was founded in the year 1949 as a branch of the Warsaw-based head office. Initially the Company handled reconstruction of the destroyed power generation infrastructure in Silesia. Then the Office developed the design documentation among others for the following power plants: Skawina, Jaworzno II and III, Łaziska, Siersza, Rybnik, Pruneřov (Czech Republic) as well as combined heat and power plants: Kraków-Łęg, Poznań-Karolin, Tychy, Bielsko-Biała, Katowice.

In the organisational aspect, the Office underwent a transformation from a subsidiary of the head office, via a field branch, into a fully independent company. In 1993, the state-owned company was transformed into a joint stock company "ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE". In 1999 (being the fiftieth anniversary of the Office's existence), the company became fully privatised and independent of external institutions, with 100% of shares held by the employees. The Office gradually modified its profile – next to designing the scope of operations was expanded with research and development works, standard engineering services, consulting works, EPC (engineering, construction and procurement) and financial engineering.

In over years of its operation, the Company's staff developed several thousands of designs for different sectors of the economy, including first of all the power generation sector, gaining experience in the field of comprehensive project implementation with regard to designing, consulting, technical analyses and expertises, civil supervision and general implementation.

As of the beginning of the Company's existence, its engineers designed the power generation units with boilers fired with lignite, hard coal, oil, gas as well as a combination of these fuels, including conventional boilers, boilers with supercritical parameters, fluidised bed boilers and stoker-fired boilers. EPK developed designs for hundreds of power plants, combined heat and power plants as well as heating stations, including several diesel power plants located abroad.

The Office is a renowned design and engineering company both in Poland and abroad, among others in England, Bosnia, Byelorussia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Holland, Indies, Germany, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.