Comprehensive Implementation of Geothermal Projects

Investment Planning
  • Legal analyses pursuant to applicable laws.
  • Conceptual design of the use of thermal water energy.
  • Support in obtaining licenses for extraction of thermal water.
  • Development of documentation regarding the environment, mining and heat engineering.
  • Development of technological projects.
  • Consulting and support services in the preparation of grant applications.
  • Financial analyses, obtaining government and EU grants.

Engineering Design Process
  • Geological research and analyses.
  • Analyses of hydrogeological resources of particular geological formations.
  • Verification of geothermal resources based on hydrological data from offset holes.
  • Analyses of physico-chemical properties of rocks.
  • Technological projects of heating stations.
  • Building permit designs – obtaining a building permit.
  • Detailed designs.

  • Drilling geothermal wells in the day-rate or turn-key formula.
  • Quantitative analyses of thermal water.
  • Qualitative analyses of thermal water; comprehensive study of corrosive power of a depositional medium in static and dynamic environments, analysis of its mineralization, methods of treatements.
  • Construction site management; geological, mining and technological supervision.
  • Start-up, test run, system adjustment run.
  • Obtaining use permits.
  • Commissioning of investments.

  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Constant monitoring of the system.
  • Periodic inspections.


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