Conventional Power Engineering

Thanks to many years of experience in designing of systems of thermal power plants and observing trends we are looking for optimal solutions in our best-known area of ​​conventional power generation. Optimization focused on maximizing the economic effect of each project is based on an updated database, which should include the latest technological solutions, current legal situation of the power generation sector and full openness to tailor solutions to customer’s expectations. The result includes improvement of traditional methods of generating electricity.

  • Optimal designs of conventional systems of professional power plants and industrial power plants in every scale, based on the latest and proven technology.
  • Coordination of ranges of turbine island and boiler island of conventional power units in the processes of designing and realization.
  • Improving production processes in existing systems of thermal power stations and their components (cooling systems, regeneration exchangers, degassing stations, adjustment of feed water pumps etc.).
  • Improving energy efficiency and economic efficiency of processes within the parent plant or neighboring plants, by looking for opportunities for association of generation processes (such as the use of potential synergy effects).
  • Searching for optimal range of operations of existing plants in the current operating and market conditions.
  • Audits of plants required by the Energy Efficiency Act.
Mieczysław Siuciak, Engineering Director, phone. +48 32 20 89 208