Electrical Engineering Department

Professionals providing:

  • short-circuit calculations in electrical engineering systems, establishing parameters of electrical protection settings, verifying selectivity;
  • technical consulting for selection of electrical engineering systems; drafting applications for the establishing of the technical requirements for connection; negotiating with operator of power systems and operator of distribution systems;
  • designs of power supply systems and electrical engineering management;
  • designs of power output systems;
  • designs of generator excitation and voltage control systems;
  • designs of automatic synchronization of generators;
  • designs of automatic frequency control systems;
  • designs of MV and LV switchgears for unit auxiliaries and common auxiliaries;
  • designs of systems for unit control, signaling, measuring and protection, in traditional and PLV technology;
  • designs of reactive power compensation;
  • designs of DC systems and load systems;
  • designs of indoor and outdoor lighting systems;
  • designs of earthing systems, earthing grids in facilities, shock protection and lightning protection;
  • layouts of power and signal cables in buildings and on land;
  • designs of fire detection and signaling systems;
  • designs of EAS’s (emergency alert systems);
  • designs of communication and electrical engineering systems: telecom protection, signaling, mechanization, optical fibre lines;
  • designs of ACS’s (access control systems) and IDS’s (intrusion detection systems);
  • designs of CCTV in IP digital and analog technology;
  • designs of LAN’s, structural cabling (copper or optical technology);
  • designs of telecommunication networks: POTS, ISDN, VoIP, DECT;
  • designs of general use communication networks.


Licensed to:

  • design in the scope of electrical/electrical engineering networks, systems, equipment;
  • Holding unlimited license to manage civil engineering works and design  (telecommunication);
  • BHP (industrial safety) and ergonomics expert in the scope of common and municipal construction and industrial construction: power sector;
  • Holding „E” certificates of qualifications, which permit operation of equipment, systems, networks–position: OPERATOR;
  • Holding „D” certificates of qualifications, which permit operation of equipment, systems, networks–position: SUPERVISOR.


Department Managers
Marcin Jakóbik, phone: +48 32 20 89 213
Krzysztof Świętek, phone: +48 32 20 89 102