Ambassador of the
Polish Economy

in the category partner of foreign companies.

Caesar of Silesian Business

as one of the most successful Silesian companies.

Forbes Diamonds

in the category of companies with revenues of 50 to 250 million PLN in the Silesian province

Well-Perceived Company

in the category of social commitment.

Golden Quantum

in the category for companies, organizations and universities having a significant impact on the professional level of "Thermal Power Plants"conference.

Leader of Polish Business

for dynamic development, particular care of the quality of services, as well as consistent building of image of a socially responsible company.

European Medal

for "The optimization of the design process due to the use of innovative communication systems based on the Delphi language."

Srebrny Laur Innowacyjności

za projekt Sposób przebudowy elektrowni, zwłaszcza elektrowni z blokami 200 MWe i 360 MWe na elektrownie wysokosprawne.

Best Design and Engineering Company of the last 25 years

Titans of Energy

in the category “Company of the Year” for the preparation of documentation for the modernization of the Konin Power Plant in the scope of construction of high performance fluidized bed boiler dedicated to the burning of 100% biomass.

III Diament

do złotej statuetki do Lidera Polskiego Biznesu